Log Home Decorating Has Lots Of Wildlife

Log home décor is a style that is incorporated into mountain summer homes, cabins or many homes in the southwest and northwest areas of the country. The structure does not have to be an actual log cabin to have log home décor. But log cabins are much more fun and intimate when they reflect the style of the house. Also it does not always have to have exposed beams inside to be considered this style of design. It can simply be decorated in a rustic country and outdoorsy flavor to give it the atmosphere and warmth of a log cabin.


Hunters that spend time in their hunting cabins during hunting season love to incorporate wildlife into their log home décor. This theme is very common with hunters. They will display their trophy heads on the walls with racks for their guns and gear. Animal skin rugs lying in front of large fireplaces with big wooden rocking chairs are always familiar in hunting cabins and lodges. The walls are decorated with fishing gear and baskets, and big comfortable overstuffed sofas sit in the main gathering room. A TV or radio is very unusual in one of these cabins. Hunting log cabins are very rustic.

Mountain Homes

These homes are done very tastefully and are usually very upscale. They might have one animal skin rug in the home and one or two trophy heads on the walls. Usually beautiful braided rugs or Indian inspired rugs adorn the floors. Wood floors are always incorporated. Small print fabrics and paint are used in this décor. Very rarely is wallpaper ever used in log home décorating. The use of rustic wooden furniture and heavy wooden tables are used with pottery, baskets and dried flowers as accessories. A rocking chair is a staple in every log home décoration.

If enjoy that log home decor, then be sure and use lots of wooden and rustic items. Black rod iron, bright Indian prints and rustic antiques can also add that flavor to your home. If you are on a budget and you already have carpeting, do not change it to wood flooring. You can still achieve the look you want with accessories, wooden furniture and lots of dried flowers. This is a simple look and can be achieved quite easily.