Log Home Decorating Accessories

You can have a captivating style for your lodge home by choosing the right decorative accessories for a log home decor (or cabin décor). Using natural wood accessories will help round out your cabin décor and give it a comfortable and cozy feeling. You can complete your cabin décor look by coordinating items such as pillows, wall art and knickknacks to suit your individual style.

If you prefer one particular style — from Arts & Crafts, Early American, or even Southwestern — then a log cabin styled decor would be a suitable choice for your home decorating. Alternatively, if you want that true classic log home decor style — such as that pioneer, cowboy, or rancher, you can apply that look for your home. Either way, this short post will offer plenty of ideas for that cabin decor home.

Log Home Decorating Accessory Options

An integral part of cabin décor is wall art, but you need to arrange it the right way. Consider a gallery when displaying wall art and keep the center of it at eye level. Work out designs on the floor before placing them on the wall if you are going to be hanging a group of wall art pieces, this way you can find the most pleasing look before placing holes in your wall. Try outdoor themes and rustic frames for your wall art when it comes to cabin décor.

Taxidermy, bird figurines and rustic themes are all decorative pieces that work with cabin décor. You always want to make sure you decorative pieces help compliment you theme or color scheme so that it matches your decorative style. In order to achieve the look you want it is best to stick with only one theme. Don’t clutter the home with too many themes and designs otherwise you won’t have the desired effect.

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When it comes to knickknacks you can add a little bit of your personal identity to a room. For cabin décor it is best to choose knickknacks that have a comfortable and cozy style. For a lighter, delicate touch you could try flowers in vases or wooden carvings on display shelves. Or you can choose accessories that reflect your unique style. You can often find the best options for accessories at garage sales and flea markets in addition to excellent bargains.

To add a soft touch to your design theme you should consider decorative pillows. Pillows will work in any room including the bathroom and kitchen. In fact, using pillows in the bathroom and kitchen can help soften the room. Place a pillow on the hamper in the bathroom or a chair in the corner of the kitchen and you will see what it can do for the room. For a cabin décor it is best to find pillow made from animal hide or those with a nature theme.

For a rustic feel you can choose to add antlers or gnarly wood decorations. You should make sure you set up a plan ahead of time and then only buy accessories that match your cabin décor plan. Otherwise you could end up with accessories that don’t work well within your room plan and then you won’t have the relaxing feel of a well designed home.

Another alternative for that rustic look are wooden ceiling floors, as well as railings.

Log home decorating can give a real interesting look and feel to any home and give it a total uniqueness to the interior. But, finding that suitable decorative wooden or log object can be expensive as it requires time, patience and skill to create.

In regards to log home decorations, it is most suited to a rustic decor, either in the mountain top cabin or countryside, and for an apartment. However, if done right a log home decor can blend well in a town house living. Hence, if you like that natural outdoor style for your home, then using appropriate log decorations or wooden artifacts can help.

And instead of splashing the whole wall covered in wood for your property, why not opt for a decorative object that will be the feature like a lovely wooden wine rack, oak shelves or even a vase made of out a log. It will make a nice statement to the room, and giving it that natural log home decor.

Image source – goodshomedesign.com