Home Decor Living Room – Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Your living room area should be an area where you can rest, relax, read a book and have your feet up, plus it should be an area where you can entertain friends and relatives. Turning a living room into a welcoming and stylish room does not need to be complicated nor expensive. Here are a few home decor ideas to consider.

Keeping it simple with minor stylish tweaks that will maximise room space and providing more natural light will have a big time impact. However, most people try to make it too complicated and ‘stylish’ that often turns the room into an unappealing living room.

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Here are seven simple decorating ‘No, No’s’ to avoid plus ideas on how best to style a small or big lounge room.

1. Placement of Furniture

This is a nice home decor trick – When you place the furniture against the wall, your living room will look smaller. Period. If you want a more space, set it away from the living room walls.

2. Avoid Heavy Curtain

If you don’t want your curtains to be centre of attention in the room, then avoid it. Instead opt for roller blinds with neutral fabric, not the heavy ones. The block out effect will just be the same.

3. Avoid clutter

Keeping the room tidy and clean of items is one obvious way to de-clutter. So store away the unnecessary items from eye sight and put it away behind the closed doors!

4. Location of Television

Avoid placing the your plasma TV near the window. Today’s televisions are huge and by placing it in front of a window, you will block the natural light from the window. If there are no available space, mount the TV on a ‘blank’ wall to save space or place it on a Television unit away from the window.

5. Lack of rugs

Consider a rug for your living room as it will give the space some color, pattern and style for the floor! If you want more warmth and coziness, Rugs placed on floorboards (or on the carpet) will add more comfort and warmth during the colder days! Rugs are a fantastic home decor item to use.

However the style and size of the rug must match the theme and size of the living room. Avoid small rugs as it will not be suitable, instead opt for a rug that is not so big, where all of the furniture can be placed on the rug. The rug that snugs well with the living room will provide a nice balance as well create zones for the lounge room, and create the illusion of a bigger space.

6. No colour in the Room

Add life to a room with colors such as cushions, nice artwork and rugs … without overdoing it!

7. Overdoing the matching

Keep it simple and do not over mix different styles in a room and it is not necessary to match every thing in a room. Keep it simple and match some of the furniture with a splash of colour. Home decor minimalism is the key.

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