Asian Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home with asian home decor is a rising trend in design ideas today. There are a number of variety of styles to select from Chinese, Japanese, or decorating ideas from early Asian dynasties. A number of people opt for unique elements from each of the different asian decor schemes to create a creative approach for home decor.

The best place to start décor is commonly found in furniture stores and stores specializing in home décor. The prices for these pieces may be slightly more expensive than other types of home décor due to the fact that oriental décor uses a lot of expensive items, such as gold and silk, in the creation of their styles. Many home décor manufacturers use brass instead of gold to cut the costs of creating the designs.

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Shoji Screens

A popular piece of oriental décor is the shoji screen. These screens are commonly used as room dividers or privacy partitions. Most screens are created using rice paper panels painted with animals or landscapes. There are many retailers specializing in the sale of shoji screens and they can be found in almost any size shape or color.

Oriental Fans

Another popular item used in asian decor is the oriental fan. These fans, used by geisha girls for hundreds of years, are also created from painted rice paper. The images on these fans are usually feminine with delicate scenes of birds, flowers, and trees predominately displayed.

These fans are usually displayed on the wall and protected from wind, water, and handling due to their delicate nature.

The fans used in asian home decor can be quite large, up to five feet in width. The more expensive fans are hand-painted and utilized gold leaf in their designs. Less expensive fans are printed instead of painted and any gold displayed is only a color printed into the design.

Chinese Lanterns

These items are easy and cheap to decorate and gives it that chinese flavor for your home.

asian home decor

Plus lanterns do not have to be hung or lighted up to make an impression. The fine material and traditional shapes mix nicely in creating an asian home decor theme. You can add small, circular lanterns (one with color that matches your home decor) into a large glass vase which you cna place it on the floor.

As well, you can hook a number of lanterns on a string or chain and let it hang from the ceiling, or surround the stringed lanterns around your favorite wall art or string it at a corner.

Alternatively you can add tree branches into a large or small vase and hang the chinese lanterns from the branches and use it as a centerpiece for the table or by the corner of a room.

Chinese Lanterns are so easy and flexible to use anywhere in the home, the backyard ot the front yard.

Choosing Your Colors

For creating that Asian Home decor, ther are many colors available. Red is obviously the most popular color in Asian traditions and custom. However, if red is not your style, then choose colors that will blend well with the room and your home.

Whatever the preferences, there are items of Asian home décor that will give your home the unique and creative impact for your home. You just have to use it well with the theme of your home decor.

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